User Groups

Groups which regularly use our building are listed below in order of when they occur in the week. Please click the + sign next to the name to find out more about each activity.

Bring your own flowers and learn how to flower arrange.  £2 per class.

Contact Margaret Worrall 01744 810262 or 0775 787 7075 for more details.

A guided Meditation relaxation to refresh and rebalance your mind; although I actively encourage students to practice a little mindfulness each day.

Contact Amy to book for time and date 0788 906 9545

 Bring along any knitting, crochet, mending or any current project and have a natter with other friendly people.  The first class is free, then £2.50 per class.

Contact Pam Swift 0785 089 2496 for more information

Enjoy a game of bingo, good company, tea and biscuits.  Also enjoy outings to Theatres, Markets and Places of Interest.  Club membership is non-denominational and open to everyone over 60 years of age.

Contact Margaret Worral 01744 810262 or 0775 787 7075 for more details.

PeCTRA hold an open door for tenants and residents in the area to seek help and advice

A branch of the St Helens Credit Union is open during the PeCTRA sessions.  Loans at low rates are available to members after 3 months of regular saving.

Contact Margaret Worral 01744 810262 or 0775 787 7075 for more details.

Looking for help or advice on returning to work, training or apprenticeships? Then please drop in for a chat

or contact Julie – Riverside’s Employment and Training Project Officer – on 0781 343 8243 to book an appointment.

We’re a really friendly group, all fitness levels and ages.  Come along and join the fun.  Everyone is encouraged to work at their own level.  £3.50 per class.

Contact Sian Rigby on 0779 678 6176 for more information.

A relaxed and inspirational painting class designed to help beginners to get started with painting, whilst also supporting more advanced painters to develop their skills and techniques.  Everyone is welcome.  £2.50 per class.

Contact Noel Callon 01744 814660 for more information.