About Us

Getting to know us.

About Us

Peasley Cross United Reformed Church are a church with a heart for the community.

Outside of our weekly Sunday services (which are led in a number of styles), our church is active and engaged in our local community, anything from Needles & Natter to our Messy Church, we aim to be Christ in our Community.

We’re also blessed with our building and we seek to serve Christ in our Community, making it available for hire during the week for local community groups too. 

We seek to serve Christ in our Community.

What we believe.

Statement of Beliefs.

We believe the Bible is God speaking to us through people, places and events. That the words contained within it are life-giving, instructive and show us how to live out Christ’s love for all people.

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, sent to earth as both human and divine to guide us back to God and that He sacrificed Himself and was resurrected so that we might know God’s love and forgiveness


We believe that the Church is the people of God, working out God’s purpose and plan and using what we know of God to bring others to know Him, His grace, love and forgiveness

Our Elders

Meet our Leadership Team


Rev Allison Claxton

Please ring or text me if you would like to chat about something that is troubling you, faith or what happens at Peasley Cross.

 Please be aware however, that I am only part-time, I have paid employment outside of the Church so am unavailable from 9am – 1pm Monday to Friday.


Helen Greener

If you need any information about arranging a special service – such as a wedding – just get in touch.


Paul Fairhurst

I have been a part of Peasley Cross URC for over 60 years and treasurer since 1988. Please speak to me regarding offertory, donations, gift aid etc… I’m happy to help. Please feel free if there is anything else you would like to speak to me about.


Margaret Worrall

If you need to book a room for an event or function or you need information about the groups that meet at Peasley Cross URC, just get in touch. 


David Claxton

I am married to Allison, and took up this post in 2021. I’m responsible for arranging the preaching rota and booking the people who preach at Peasley Cross.

Building Fabric & Maintainance

Andy Charnock

I’m responsible to noting anything that needs replacing or repairing – if I can do it…then I do it!

More than just bricks.

Our Building

The current building dates back to 1974, which replaced an earlier Victorian-era church. The building seats up to 90 people in its worship area. An extension to the original building now provides a Community Room, used by many of the groups associated with the church.

In 2018 the church had a new kitchen installed, thanks to a grant from BIFFA which covered over 80% of the cost. The kitchen allows more community involvement in projects such as luncheon clubs 

In order to make the most of the outside space, we now have a fence around the building, offering a secure place for events and activities

Our Denomination

About the URC.

The URC are a family of Christians, worshipping in the name of Jesus in about 1500 local churches from Orkney to Cornwall.

  • ‘Reformed’ means that we delight in the Bible, we do not fear change, and we try to run our churches in ways that take everyone’s insight and contribution seriously.
  • ‘United’ is an important part of our story. We started when English Presbyterians merged with English and Welsh Congregationalists in 1972. Churches of Christ joined in 1981 and Scottish Congregationalists in 2000. We still work as closely as we can with Christians of all traditions and styles.
  • We are one ‘Church’. We aim to grow through supporting one another and taking decisions together.
    All our tasks and posts are open to women as fully as to men. We are an intercultural church, where people with varied ethnic roots enrich each other’s Christian living. Our people hold a range of opinions about theology and church life. In the words of the denominations Statement of Nature, Faith and Order (1990) together we are firmly committed to ‘God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The living God, the only God, ever to be praised.’

Find out more, by exploring the United Reformed Church website.